SFRC Precast Concrete Grating
Covers & Frames


KK Koncrete premium Brand Grating Covers/frames are manufactured as per IS: 12592 by high frequency vibration techniques with high quality in-house produced moulds, requisite Concrete Grade of M 30 and proper reinforcement & tank immersed curing is done. Grating covers are provided with suitable lifting hooks, suitable taper provided in cover to prevent jamming inside frame & M S Strip of suitable thickness provided for edge protection. These products are available in Load capacities from 2.5T to 35T as per IS standards. All standard sizes are available.
Grades as per IS:1726 standards
Test Load
Light Duty (LD 2.5) – 2.5 Ton
Medium Duty (MD 10) – 10 Ton
High Duty (HD 20) – 20 Ton
Extra Heavy Duty (EHD 35) – 35 Ton
H2 Light Duty Grating Covers & Frames (LD 2.5)

Light Duty Grating Covers & Frames
(LD 2.5)

Medium Duty Grating Covers & Frames-(MD-10)

Medium Duty Grating Covers & Frames (MD 10)

Heavy Duty Grating Covers & Frames (HD-20)

Heavy Duty Grating Covers & Frames
(HD 20)

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KK-FRP AND KONCRETE PRODUCTS PVT LTD, Mumbai started manufacturing Precast Concrete Products primarily Manhole covers and frames, three decades ago. An Ideal Substitute of Cast Iron manhole covers.

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